Our Capabilities

With a diverse portfolio of experience across a broad range of industry sectors, we are able to work closely with you, leveraging collaboration to ensure the most successful product and service outcomes.

Partnering with AsureQuality Diagnostics enables you to increase your production capacity, and ensures the reliable and continuous supply of your product.

Our capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Formulation and dispensing of liquid reagents, with a batch size up to 200L
  • Aseptic liquid dispensing in a dedicated ISO Class 5 dispensing suite
  • Automated coating, washing, and blocking of microtitre plates, with a throughput of 750 plates per hour. Maximum batch size of 2400 plates
  • Steam sterilisation equipment with a capacity of 0.5m3
  • Dry sterilisation equipment with a capacity of 1000 x 10 mL vials
  • Freeze drying (lyophilisation) with a capacity of 5,000 vials per batch
  • Vacuum drying of microtitre plates with a capacity of 2,400 plates per batch
  • Continuous sealing of pouches
  • Large refrigerated rooms (2°C - 8°C)
  • Component and kit labelling, assembly, packing and shipping of goods
  • Manufacture of products to GMP standards including process and quality control release testing
  • Global supply chain management

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