Diagnostic Reagents

The following products are available off-the-shelf and can be ordered directly from us.

5X Blue Diluent

This is a concentrated diluent. Before use it needs to be diluted to working strength. The diluent is made up of modified PBS buffer, a protein blocker and preservative. It is used in immunoassays (such as ELISA) to stabilise antibodies in solution.

5x Blue Diluent pack size:  1L

Green Diluent

This is a ready-to-use human anti-mouse antibody (HAMA) blocker for immunoassays (such as ELISA). It improves the accuracy of your assay by removing interference due to cross reactions caused by human anti-mouse antibodies, heterophilic antibodies, endogenous antibodies, rheumatoid factors and other binding proteins present in the sample.

Green Diluent pack size:  1L

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